Grit & Soul

How Eve Goldberg turned the loss of her son into a BIGVISION for sober life


I was born in Brooklyn, New York in the 60’s where I had a very nice, normal childhood in a modern orthodox Jewish family. My family included a brother and a sister, great parents, and a big extended family. When I was 18, my family re-located to Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, and I attended NYU. I played basketball with the Lady Violets, and studied journalism. After a brief foray to Italy, I ended up working for my father, who was a leader in the diamond industry. The plan was to work there for 6 weeks, while my sister was on maternity leave, but I ended up staying, and here I am 30 years later running William Goldberg with my family! It is an amazing business, and I have always been passionate about it. My father built a beautiful business where we sell things that “bring joy into people’s lives” as he said.

I married and had two beautiful children, Isaac and Beatrice.  After 10 years, my husband and I divorced. Throughout all his indiscretions in our marriage, I supported him fully, and did everything that a smart woman should not do. I once saw a book in the self-help section of Barnes and Noble titled -“Why smart women do stupid things”- that was me! But, I had Isaac and Bea, and so I could never regret being married to him. I ended up raising both my children as a single mom, making every decision on my own. Anyway, I had a wonderful family, and friends, and got through it.

In May 2013. I finally got it right. I married Neil, an amazing man who came at just the right time. Without him I don’t know if I would have survived the next chapter. Neil got very close with Isaac and Bea and he really became a consistent and positive role model for both of them, particularly Isaac.