Winter 2019

Dear BIGVISION community,

January is always a challenging month for me because it is the month when Isaac passed away. Each day feels like a reminder of what we went through in that month, daily visits to the hospital, the hope we tried to maintain throughout, the support we felt from friends and family, and the utter hopelessness and sadness we felt at the end. It is still as fresh to me now as it was 5 years ago.

BIGVISION is a constant reminder of what an amazing person Isaac was, and we continue his mission of helping other young adults like himself who struggle with their addictions. My goals have not changed. I want to create a safe space where people who are struggling can have fun and find their passions in recovery, and I want no other parent to experience the heart-wrenching loss of a child. They say that addiction is a family disease and Beatrice, myself, and our friends and family were affected by Isaac's death in a profound way.

With BIGVISION we are making a difference in the lives of so many young people in recovery in NYC. The more people who show up to our events, the happier we are! In this newsletter, you will see some of the faces of our community smiling and having fun!

We are still on the hunt for the perfect space for our clubhouse, and I commit that in 2019 we will find it. Please help us achieve this goal. You can donate here, volunteer, help us find sponsors for our events - whatever you do is greatly appreciated!

Check out our upcoming events like our first-ever BIGVISION basketball tournament at Basketball City in June and lots more!

Wishing everyone a joyous and meaningful 2019!

With respect and gratitude,

Eve Goldberg