BIGVISION E-Newsletter

Spring 2019

Dear BIGVISION community,

June 23 would have been Isaac’s 29th birthday. To honor his passion of competitive basketball, this year we're hosting the inaugural 
BIGVISION 3-on-3 basketball tournament on Sunday, June 23rd at Basketball City, New York City’s premier basketball venue.

Let me share some exciting new “firsts” for us. In addition to the format change from past years' color war-styled event, the location has changed. We are forever grateful to The Heschel School, who continues to be an amazing partner and supporter. We’re thrilled that Isaac's sister, Beatrice, is the driving force of the event this year by taking the helm as chairperson! We will have a men’s, women’s and legends division. Whether you wish to be a spectator, register a team, or donate/sponsor, we will have activities for everyone and great competitive games to watch. Come on down to Pier 36 and support us! There will be a sumptuous brunch, power snacks, and beverages. 

BIGVISION is the missing link in recovery, and there is so much more we can do! Our famous year-round sober events are all thanks to the success of this event, our major fundraiser for the year. I urge you to please give generously, as you have in the past. If you gave last year, please consider increasing your gift. 

Our annual auction will consist of some amazing gifts, sports, and entertainment packages. Please consider donating or procuring some great items for us, which we would love to include in our online auction. We are preparing to launch it live, and soon, so please don't hesitate!

All funds raised will ensure support to our ever-expanding community of young adults in recovery in NYC and help keep them on a good path for living a healthy, meaningful, substance-free life! No mother, such as I, should ever have to experience the loss of a child. Help us eradicate the stigma associated with substance use disorder and save lives. 

Thank you for your continued support!

With love and gratitude,

Eve Goldberg


Winter 2019

Dear BIGVISION community,

January is always a challenging month for me because it is the month when Isaac passed away. Each day feels like a reminder of what we went through in that month, daily visits to the hospital, the hope we tried to maintain throughout, the support we felt from friends and family, and the utter hopelessness and sadness we felt at the end. It is still as fresh to me now as it was 5 years ago.

BIGVISION is a constant reminder of what an amazing person Isaac was, and we continue his mission of helping other young adults like himself who struggle with their addictions. My goals have not changed. I want to create a safe space where people who are struggling can have fun and find their passions in recovery, and I want no other parent to experience the heart-wrenching loss of a child. They say that addiction is a family disease and Beatrice, myself, and our friends and family were affected by Isaac's death in a profound way.

With BIGVISION we are making a difference in the lives of so many young people in recovery in NYC. The more people who show up to our events, the happier we are! In this newsletter, you will see some of the faces of our community smiling and having fun!

We are still on the hunt for the perfect space for our clubhouse, and I commit that in 2019 we will find it. Please help us achieve this goal. You can donate here, volunteer, help us find sponsors for our events - whatever you do is greatly appreciated!

Check out our upcoming events like our first-ever BIGVISION basketball tournament at Basketball City in June and lots more!

Wishing everyone a joyous and meaningful 2019!

With respect and gratitude,

Eve Goldberg


Summer 2018

Dear BIGVISION friends and family,
We are still elated after an incredibly successful ‘BIGVISION Basketball Bash’ fundraiser! It is hard to believe that this was our fourth ‘Bash’ but happy to see that, with each year, we have attracted greater participation and many new faces. All those new attendees spent an exhilarating evening learning about the mission of the BIGVISION community.
To all of you who were there on June 21st- words cannot adequately express how grateful we are for helping to celebrate what would have been Isaac’s 28th birthday in a fun and meaningful way. I know Isaac was smiling down on us doing what he loved most- hanging with family and friends on a basketball court and eating delicious food! For those who could not physically join us that night, we are deeply grateful for your support as well and look forward to your future participation in one of our BIGVISION events.
A huge ‘thank you’ to our committee and to our many volunteers. We could not have done it without your help! We are fortunate to have such amazing friends and supporters, and we are grateful to all those who donated time, money, raffle and auction items, and those who helped put together such a spectacular evening! I cannot mention all of our sponsors, but here is the link to our page where you can see all the many individuals and entities who contributed to make this our most successful ‘Bash’ ever!
Although the ‘Bash’ kept us busy with planning and organizing these past many months, that did not stop us from doing what we do best- creating safe, sober fun events for the young adult recovery community!
We still have so much more to accomplish, and with your help throughout the year, we hope and pray that by Isaac’s birthday next year, we will be able to share with you even more of our successes.
Giving back always feels good, as all our volunteers can attest, so if you would like to help out during the year, please reach out to me- we would love to have you on our team!
With respect and gratitude,

Eve Goldberg


Spring 2018

Dear BIGVISION family,

Our vision for BIGVISION is to create a world where a sober lifestyle is a fun and meaningful one, and we are gratified to see that our work is being recognized by the recovery community here in New York and beyond.

So many exciting things have been happening!

BIGVISION jump started 2018 in a big way- we were awarded our first grant from OASAS (Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services)! The grant was awarded for BIGVISION to do what we do best- provide fun activities for young adults who want to live meaningful, fulfilling lives in recovery! The grant is for Sober Saturdays in NYC, and we have committed to plan nine Saturday nights of sober fun beginning March 3, 2018.

We elected a fantastic peer committee who will plan these Saturdays to create a cool place where they can go with their friends, hang out, connect, and enjoy amazing activities that they love to do, only in a sober environment. OASAS recognized that there is a huge need for safe, sober hangouts, and together we will make this happen!

As we continue to fortify our foundation, I am very excited to announce that we have expanded our BIGVISION board. Please join me in welcoming our BIGVISION board members.

Sharon Schneier - Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine

Richard Greenspan- Senior Vice President- Wealth Management, UBS

Caryl Cohen- Lead Teacher Certification Consultant, NYC Charter School Center

Sonia Gardner- President & Co-Founder, Avenue Capital Group

Max Hirsh- Case Manager, Recovery Centers of America

Gila Goodman- CEO Equipment Apparel

Coleen McGrath- Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Phoenix House

Victor Schwartz- Chief Medical Officer, JED Foundation

We feel grateful for their commitment to the cause and goals of BIGVISION and with their experience and guidance we can further our mission in so many ways.

It is an important time at BIGVISION. The world is talking about the disease of addiction and how this epidemic is destroying our youth. We are committed to change that and stay in the conversation and save as many lives as we can. Countless individuals and families are depending on us. Let's not let down even one of them.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement.

With sincere gratitude,
Eve Goldberg, Founder


End of Year 2017

Dear BIGVISION family,

After Isaac passed away in 2014, I committed myself to doing something to make meaning out of his life, and so, BIGVISION was born. January marks three years since our founding, and 2017 was filled with more than 48 sober activities. While we repeated the most popular events such as indoor go-karting at RPM Raceway and knitting classes with Laurie Kimmelstiel, this year saw the addition of an exhilarating ski trip, writing and meditation workshops, as well as improv, mocktail classes, extreme sports, and many more! Our third annual Basketball Bash in June was a huge success both as an event and as our first fundraiser. We continue to benefit from the success of our efforts.

The tenets that remain constant at BIGVISION are a strong devotion to helping those suffering with substance use disorder and a powerful willingness to try new things. We remain fully devoted to helping young people suffering from addiction see that there is a life of fun, connection and growth in recovery.

2018 will be the year that we build the BIGVISION Clubhouse. As we move into this new chapter of our organization, we need many more helping hands. You make a huge difference to us and the young adults we serve. To volunteer, contact

With this promise of growth comes much more financial responsibility and need of support. Please consider BIGVISION NYC as a beneficiary of your year-end giving.

Happy Holidays!

With sincere gratitude,
Eve Goldberg, Founder


Fall 2017

Dear BIGVISION family,

When my son Isaac was alive, there was very little written about addiction. As challenging as it was for Isaac to remain sober, feelings of shame and an inability to open up to his peers about his struggles made his daily life hopeless and painful.

Rhetoric about this plague: keeping drugs out of the country, punishing drug dealers, stopping the overprescribing of painkillers, making treatment more accessible and changing public policy is not getting to the core of the problem which is ISOLATION! The feeling of isolation and not having a sense of belonging can be overwhelming and dangerous for an addict.

BIGVISION is creating a safe community to promote positive connection which is so important to these young adults who crave social interaction. A welcoming non-judgmental, environment allowing young adults in recovery to just be themselves and have fun is my personal vision and ultimate goal. Studies are confirming that one of the major unmet needs for young people in recovery are positive sober social opportunities. Our services are now recognized and supported by major recovery professionals and we continue forging ahead and cultivating important partnerships.

In just two years, we have served more than 500 young adults, many who initially met at a BIGVISION event and eagerly look forward to participating in the next one. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Upon building our first BIGVISION recovery community center, the sky will be the limit. We are on the hunt for that “clubhouse” and I hope to have good news soon!

Those who know BIGVISION understand the life-changing impact we have on these young adults. I need you to keep spreading the word! Please, if you know anyone who can benefit from BIGVISION, help us to help them!

Thank you for helping me with our mission.

With sincere gratitude,
Eve Goldberg, Founder


Summer 2017

Dear BIGVISION Family,

We've been extra busy as we had our 3rd Annual Basketball Bash in honor of what would have been Isaac's 27th birthday on 6/22.  It was our biggest turn out yet!  We are amazed at the outpouring of support, resulting in us exceeding our fundraising goal.  It was a truly unforgettable time, and we thank all of our sponsors and each and everyone who helped us pull it all together.


Year in Review 2016

Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters,

2016 has been a very fulfilling year for us at BIGVISION. Our dream of becoming part of every after care plan is becoming a reality as we continue to partner with incredible organizations in the recovery world.

We hosted 30 events benefiting hundreds of young adults in recovery from substance use disorder. We baked, we go-karted, we climbed, we knitted, we sweated in boot camp. We learned a lot, found new passions, had a lot of fun, and continued to build our community.

Over 300 people attended the screening of “Generation Found”, which we hosted with Caron Foundation and The Freedom Institute, and we hope to follow up with a smaller screening for those of you who missed it. It is a film about a community in Houston coming together to combat this horrific disease of addiction. It is a must see!


April/May 2016


Welcome to the unofficial start of summer! In April and May, BIGVISION hosted a wide range of events, and introduced new ones that proved to be instant classics, like cake decorating and boxing. This further broadened our mission to help our community be open to new experiences. 

BIGVISION continues to discover new ways to find creative and physically demanding activities that, for the past two months, have most certainly given a glimmer of joy and purpose in the lives of our members.
Going back to the classic event from last year, jewelry making was again a huge success, drawing a creative and unique group of individuals, many of whom were trying jewelry making for the first time. The creative nature of our members shined through their completed work. Thanks again to the 92nd Street Y!


February/March 2016

The BIGVISION Community had an exciting past two months with many activities. In February, we went Ice Skating at Bryant Park’s Winter Village. We had a great group come together to brave the cold temps and skate on the iconic rink. We also visited our friends at Brooklyn Boulders for some intense indoor rock climbing; an event that has quickly become a favorite among the Community!



End of Year Review 2015

Happy 2016! It has been almost one year since the inception of BIGVISION and with the help and support of our Community, we have accomplished so much this past year!



BIGVISION continues to host fun sober events and in December, we took to new heights and tried indoor rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders. It was intimidating at first, but we conquered our fears and made it to the top, participating in both team and individual challenges. We look forward to visiting Brooklyn Boulders again in February!


September 2015

We hope everyone enjoyed the last few weeks of the warm weather! It’s finally fall and we are very excited about the BIGVISION developments that have taken place since our last newsletter.

In September, we hosted a viewing party of an online presentation at the White House in celebration of National Recovery Month. The Office of National Drug Control Policy hosted the online event with a focus on youth in recovery. Christina Huffington, daughter of The Huffington Post co-founder, Arianna Huffington, moderated a panel of guest speakers who discussed their time in recovery and answered questions that had been tweeted to them earlier that day. The panel shared some very moving stories that inspired our own discussion among our BIGVISION guests. We discussed some of the major issues facing youth in recovery and told our own stories relating to these issues. Hearing everyone discuss their personal journeys, and how hard they are working towards sobriety, was uplifting and emotional.



August 2015

As summer ends, we reflect on the many amazing events that took place with our BIGVISION family this past month.

Thanks to Laurie Kimmelstiel, we hosted a wonderful Night of Knitting with instructor Petra Marcelle from String. Attendees learned how to knit and our first project was hand warmers for this winter. We will continue hosting knitting classes in the future months and look forward to advancing our knitting skills.

On August 8th, we sailed around Manhattan, thanks to Deborah Mellen, on "The Impossible Dream," a 60’ fully accessible catamaran. It was a magical night with spectacular views of the city and sunset over the Manhattan skyline. Serenity prevailed and the camaraderie was felt by all.


July 2015

As another month at BIGVISION comes to a close, we wanted to let all of our friends know what we have been up to this past July! 

Just last week, we hosted an event at the Wang Chen Table Tennis Club, where over 30 young adults learned to play like a pro, thanks to their Olympian gold-medalist instructor, Wang Chen. In addition to her talents, Chen shared her story of challenge and success, inspiring all who attended.

Earlier this month, BIGVISION also hosted a jewelry making class in conjunction with the 92nd St Y. There, young adults learned to work with metal and copper to create unique I.D. bracelets for themselves. It was an absolute blast!
As always, we have an exciting month ahead, including a sunset sail around Manhattan on the Impossible Dream, a knitting class with author, designer and knitting instructor Laurie Kimmelstiel, and much more to come!

We thank you for your continued support for BIGVISION. Your help is already making a difference in those striving to live happy, healthy and substance-free lives.

Eve Goldberg and the BIGVISION Family


May/June 2015

As this month comes to a close, we wanted to reach out and thank everyone who helped to make May and June at BIGVISION a resounding success. It has been a busy eight weeks!

Just a few exciting things BIGVISION has hosted these past two months:

  • Go-karting at Pole-Position, where sober young adults had the opportunity to meet one another and have a carefree time.
  • A BIGVISION Flywheel Class, followed by a sampling of healthy juices at Juice Press and a brief talk on healthy eating
  • A Yankees Game
  • An evening of comedy at the Actor’s Temple with award-winning comedians
  • Our 1st Annual BIGVISION Basketball Bash at the Abraham Joshua Heschel School in commemoration of Isaac’s birthday with over 100 guests in attendance. A great time was had by all!  

We are continuing to grow with every passing month. Our summer calendar is already filling up with a jewelry making class, a coffee tasting event at Coffee Bean and a sunset sail around NYC. Help us add to this list with your suggestions!
Thank you for your continued support for BIGVISION. Your help is already making a difference in the lives of those striving to live happy, healthy and substance-free.

Eve and Neil