Year in Review 2016

Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters,

2016 has been a very fulfilling year for us at BIGVISION. Our dream of becoming part of every after care plan is becoming a reality as we continue to partner with incredible organizations in the recovery world.

We hosted 30 events benefiting hundreds of young adults in recovery from substance use disorder. We baked, we go-karted, we climbed, we knitted, we sweated in boot camp. We learned a lot, found new passions, had a lot of fun, and continued to build our community.

Over 300 people attended the screening of “Generation Found”, which we hosted with Caron Foundation and The Freedom Institute, and we hope to follow up with a smaller screening for those of you who missed it. It is a film about a community in Houston coming together to combat this horrific disease of addiction. It is a must see!