Fall 2017

Dear BIGVISION family,

When my son Isaac was alive, there was very little written about addiction. As challenging as it was for Isaac to remain sober, feelings of shame and an inability to open up to his peers about his struggles made his daily life hopeless and painful.

Rhetoric about this plague: keeping drugs out of the country, punishing drug dealers, stopping the overprescribing of painkillers, making treatment more accessible and changing public policy is not getting to the core of the problem which is ISOLATION! The feeling of isolation and not having a sense of belonging can be overwhelming and dangerous for an addict.

BIGVISION is creating a safe community to promote positive connection which is so important to these young adults who crave social interaction. A welcoming non-judgmental, environment allowing young adults in recovery to just be themselves and have fun is my personal vision and ultimate goal. Studies are confirming that one of the major unmet needs for young people in recovery are positive sober social opportunities. Our services are now recognized and supported by major recovery professionals and we continue forging ahead and cultivating important partnerships.

In just two years, we have served more than 500 young adults, many who initially met at a BIGVISION event and eagerly look forward to participating in the next one. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Upon building our first BIGVISION recovery community center, the sky will be the limit. We are on the hunt for that “clubhouse” and I hope to have good news soon!

Those who know BIGVISION understand the life-changing impact we have on these young adults. I need you to keep spreading the word! Please, if you know anyone who can benefit from BIGVISION, help us to help them!

Thank you for helping me with our mission.

With sincere gratitude,
Eve Goldberg, Founder