My name is Debbie Klein and here is my story about my son Jack.

Jack was born on June 27, 1986. From day one, he was a sweet, loving, generous and selfless boy with the biggest heart you could ever imagine. His father passed away before his seventh birthday, and he became very protective of both me and his sister, Kelly. Jack's family was always his priority, and he especially loved his grandparents, Al & Sue and Marty & Gay. He loved all sports - hockey, basketball, and football, and was on his high school teams. But what Jack really had a passion for were his “kicks.” He loved all types of sneakers and had amassed quite the collection which grew with each new style he acquired.

Things changed in high school when, in his senior year, addiction began to consume Jack’s life. Every day was a struggle, and Jack was in and out of rehab for over a decade. Finally, in 2017, Jack was in recovery and sober. I had my son back and had never felt such joy. After years of struggle, Jack was living the life he always wanted. He was clean, happy, running his own business, and surrounded by the love of his family, his girlfriend and partner Jill, and their dog Winifred.

Looking back, the last one and a half years of Jack’s life were among the fondest times of my life. Jack loved and longed for a lavish life and was not going to settle for anything less. He loved taking care of us and treating us like royalty, always providing us with the best that life could offer. After all of the challenging times through his addiction, we felt like a family again, and it was wonderful!

Unfortunately, however, the good times did not last forever. The disease, which robbed Jack of what should have been the best years of his life, ultimately got the best of him. His body had been worn down by those years of struggle, and Jack passed away in his sleep on February 26, 2019. Not a day goes by when I do not miss him.

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Jack lived with passion, loved with his enormous heart, was generous, giving, and kind. He lived intently, and he lived intensely. He was strong, he was tall and handsome, he was a fighter. He loved to have fun, he loved to win, he loved his family, he took care of those around him in any way he possibly could …

BIGVISION’s diverse community of young adults in recovery provides a wonderful environment for fulfilling the mission of Jack’s Kicks Foundation. I can think of no better way to memorialize Jack than by donating kicks to deserving BIGVISION participants.

Jack loved to be spontaneous. Every day was an adventure, and nothing was out of reach. He believed in living every day to the fullest, because every day is a gift. He collected sneakers, and thoroughly enjoyed finding the most unique and beautiful pairs. Jack believed everyone should always have a fresh pair of KICKS!

This is Jack’s Story. Please share yours.

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