Join a strong community where meaningful connections are important. Where staying grounded through life’s changes is key. Where living a sober life can be rich and rewarding.

That’s the vision behind BIGVISION. We’re here to support young adults, between the ages of 18 and 35, who are in recovery in New York City.

We arrange free, exciting activities and events in a safe, inclusive space. And we would love for you to join us.


 a sober COMMUNITY

We are a sober environment where recovering millennials can learn that life isn't over after you are sober. We give them the chance to connect with others who are experiencing the same struggles, as well as a chance to just have fun.


bridging the gap

We bridge the gap between recovery and breaking back into the real world for recovering young adults. We create the freedom to hang out in an easy and stress-free environment where there is no pressure, only entertaining connections and engaging activities.



We are fortunate to have supporters who generously donate their time, money and knowledge so that we may continue to reach young adults with a unique need. Be one of those donors and join in giving hope to those affected by substance abuse.


Whether it is a basketball competition, or just hanging out over coffee, BIGVISION is a safe space. We foster connections and provide a multitude of opportunities to help recovering young adults lead productive lives – free of drugs and alcohol.


In a very short period of time, BIGVISION has promoted and enhanced the recovery of dozens of young people in New York working to overcome their addictions.
— Gloria Anderson, M.S. 
Supervisor CD Program,
 Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

What happens when a person leaves a treatment center?

What comes next? How does a person committed to sobriety function in the real world once they leave the safety of a monitored sober living environment?
Filling that void is where the BIGVISION Community comes in!

Isaac Goldberg Volkmar desperately wanted to be part of a community


Isaac battled addiction for years. In 2013, he successfully completed a treatment program and was on a path to having a meaningful, joyous, sober life.  Unfortunately, while trying to acclimate back to “life as normal,” the pressures and expectations led to debilitating anxiety and fear.

Isaac might have been saved with a strong, supportive community in which to draw strength. He needed a safe and comfortable way to connect and socialize with other young adults, removed from an environment where drugs and alcohol were a part of everyday life.

Sadly, it is too late for Isaac. But it’s not too late for the other young people who are struggling to cope and survive. Isaac was a loving, compassionate young man who was always helping others, and with Isaac as our inspiration, we are going to continue with his mission.


So often we hear young people express their desire for healthy and enjoyable alternatives to drug use in and around New York City. BIGVISION is creating a warm and welcoming space that provides young people with a plethora of fun choices for them to engage with each other and help build sustainable recovery. It is critical that invaluable programs such as BIGVISION have the support they need so that young people have the opportunity to connect with one another in safe environments that are peer-led and peer-driven.
— Stephanie Campbell
, Director of Policy
, Friends of Recovery – New York